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Road Races and Cross Country:

• Entries – Depending on the size of your race, we can either manually input your entries or use an on-line entry service. Multiple divisions or classifications? Not a problem. We can set up your race with as many divisions or classifications as you need. We can also accommodate race day entries.

• Meet / Race Timing and Scoring Management – Do not confuse this service with a Meet Directors duties. You are still in control of your meet, we just manage the timing and scoring. Race finishers and times will be entered into the Meet Management software to quickly provide you with places, times and team scoring.

Track and Field:

• Entries – The most cost effective way to have teams enter your meet is utilizing an online entry system. The complexity of track meet entries makes manually entering competitors, the events they will compete in and their seed times a very time consuming and expensive task. Using an online service will not only make the job easier, it will save you money. Working together with your Meet Director we will set up your meet for online entry, on the site of your choice or we will recommend a site with the most competitive pricing.

• Meet Timing and Scoring Management – Utilizing Finish Lynx Timing Systems interfaced with Hy-Tek Meet Manager we will set up your meet, seed all events, address any scratches and then we are ready to run the meet. Do not confuse this service with your Meet Directors duties. Your Meet Director is in control of your meet, we just manage the timing and scoring. We provide heat sheets for your Clerk of Course for athlete check in and for the official in charge of getting competitors on the track, in the proper heat or flight and in the proper lane. Your announcer will also receive copies so they can announce competitors as they line up and finish. We provide all Field Event Scoring sheets as well! Each competitor in each Field Event will be automatically listed saving you time. Tired of going to meets that have half empty heats? We have the ability to place a computer and a HYTEK operator in the clerking area for declarations or seed on the fly at the start/finish line. This means that once all competitors declare or check in or for an event, we can seed the event to minimize the number of heats and ensure that the heats are as full as possible making your meet run quicker and more efficiently. If your event requires wind readings for certain events, we can provide a wind gauge to automatically place readings in the results.

• Results – Event results are printed as soon as the event is completed and copies will be given to your result posting person, your announcer and the awards official. If needed, at the end of your meet, you will be provided one complete set of hard copy results for each team that competed. We will email you the complete results so that you can distribute them to every team, the will be posted on our website they will also be sent to any online result posting site you wish. If your meet is a Collegiate Meet, we understand the importance of the TFRRS system and will take the appropriate steps to ensure all results are posted on the TFRRS site in the required time frame. How about LIVE RESULTS? New this year, we are posting live results if you would like to have them. This means that spectators and athletes can visit this site and get real time results for every event on the meet schedule.

• Timing Only – Want to save money? If you feel you can handle the Results and Scoring on your own and just need FAT results, we can provide you with a timing system and operator to give you results that you can use to manually input times and marks into the software of your choice.

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